Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3

Tuesday morning weight: 185 lbs

All went well yesterday: Light breakfast, light lunch and killing those snack & sugar cravings with fruit - clementines to be more specific.

Unfortunately there came dinner and with it a dinner invitation to a a good friend of ours. And to make it impossible to deny the invitation, this friend meant to introduce his new girlfriend to us. To translate a German saying: Curiosity is a kitten's death - of course we went. You think we are at the end of the worst case scenario?! Au contraire mon ami! The big dinner fun was to create your own pizza ... really?! So next to the appetizer (delicious cheese, sausage and crackers) that were placed precisely in front of my face - gosh! I LOVE cheese  - we were to make each or own pizza... so to get it straight: 5 people = 5 pizza which were all cut in equal pieces that all of us were to try everything... ok, so IF I had denied to eat, not only I would be the party pooper, I would had also insulted the creator of each masterpiece....

I dragged the next morning's weigh in.... and faced my own downfall ...

BUT on a positive note: My beverage of choice was water and I stack to it for at least 6 glasses. And I was lead into temptation more than once: good wines, prosecco and a nice Stoli vodka mixer ... so at least a little success!

I am staying in today... it is just me and leftover Christmas treats on the table... The scale will let you know by tomorrow who has won!

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