Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 12

After a week of compromises - I try to make better choices - and a $7 liver pate for a late night dinner I dragged to step on the scale... BUT I finally bought a digital one with body fat and all that jazz. Fancy Shmancy! And I am even able to switch to kg! Sorry! You cannot take the metric out of an European. Long story short: 81,6 kg - 180,1 lbs. Even though that the numbers go down slowly - but it has been a while that I did anything but gain.

Challenge today: Choosing well at the Berghoff! I love their cream spinach!

Day 6

This was meant to be posted long time ago...

I know I have been slagging it ... posting, not dieting! And with good portion control and a dog that wants to be walked every other hour I am in fact down to 182 lbs! As I mentioned before, my scale is totally cheap, but the numbers are going down. HOORRRRAY!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3

Tuesday morning weight: 185 lbs

All went well yesterday: Light breakfast, light lunch and killing those snack & sugar cravings with fruit - clementines to be more specific.

Unfortunately there came dinner and with it a dinner invitation to a a good friend of ours. And to make it impossible to deny the invitation, this friend meant to introduce his new girlfriend to us. To translate a German saying: Curiosity is a kitten's death - of course we went. You think we are at the end of the worst case scenario?! Au contraire mon ami! The big dinner fun was to create your own pizza ... really?! So next to the appetizer (delicious cheese, sausage and crackers) that were placed precisely in front of my face - gosh! I LOVE cheese  - we were to make each or own pizza... so to get it straight: 5 people = 5 pizza which were all cut in equal pieces that all of us were to try everything... ok, so IF I had denied to eat, not only I would be the party pooper, I would had also insulted the creator of each masterpiece....

I dragged the next morning's weigh in.... and faced my own downfall ...

BUT on a positive note: My beverage of choice was water and I stack to it for at least 6 glasses. And I was lead into temptation more than once: good wines, prosecco and a nice Stoli vodka mixer ... so at least a little success!

I am staying in today... it is just me and leftover Christmas treats on the table... The scale will let you know by tomorrow who has won!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2

2011 was a great year! Next to all the small things that brightened up my year, there were three major events that changed my life:

  • In spring my boyfriend and I found a perfect place at the north side of Chicago that we now call our home.
  • In summer we added four more legs to the Savoie Klein Haus. Monroe snooped in our life and with all his drool, ninja- countersurfing skills soon turned it upside down
  • In fall I decided to become self employed and founded Kleine Deutschschule 

By the end of the year I tried to fit in my last years beautiful holiday dresses... well... if I was holding my breath I might have been able to close that zipper.... too bad that I have to breath at some point... gosh darn it!
This wasn't the first time that those nasty little pounds sneaked up on me. I have always been an admirer of good foods and at a later point of life drinks kicked in as well, For the new year my goal is pretty clear:

I want my body back!

At least the one I had conquered by mid 2009! So off we go into a new year with just this one resolution. I have started my new way of life already yesterday - but was too hung over to start this documentary project (hey! the drinks were still served in 2011 - so I didn't cheat!)

Today's weight: 185 lbs - my scale is one of those old cheap one. I guess I invest $15 and buy one of those fancy ones from Aldi.

For breakfast I had a glass of cranberry juice - please don't lecture me about sugars and carbs! My answer to that are three simple letters: U T I! I am not a juice drinker at all (the purpose of a good juice is to blend in with booze!) but after a rather painful experience, I every once in a while insist on my antioxidancial friends!
I also enjoyed a few bites of my leftover rotisserie chicken. 

I know my two worst enemies: 

  • portion control

I also like to eat not because I am hungry but because I know how good those potato chips are. I need to go back to the reason of food: to fill my body with energy, to keep me operating.

Hopefully this blog keeps my aware of my goals, my downfalls and my success!

Happy 2012 everybody :)